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2nd Hand Gaming. Worth The Risk?

Let’s face it, times are tough for most of us at the moment. If like most of us you are taking more care with spending your hard earned cash, then we suggest you consider something that many others are; 2nd Hand Gaming.

There are many shops popping up these days offering 2nd hand gaming products; Game, Gamestation, CEX to name but a few. I have to admit, at first I didn’t like the idea of buying a game 2nd hand, let alone a console! However, after giving it a try for the last 12 months…. I reckon I’ve saved a ton of moolah! Once I’ve finished with my games, I take them in and trade them in for a better price on my next game.

Huge Tip For Game Trading: Purchase a new game close to it’s release date, take it home and play it to death as quickly as possible. Complete it, and take it to your local trade shop for a huge chunk of either cash back, or money off your next game. Remember, as a game gets older it’s value decreases, so the longer you leave it the less money/trade discount you’ll get back for your game purchase.

If you’re considering buying a console 2nd hand, then we recommend buying from an established retailer over a private owner (unless it’s a private owner you trust of course). We’re not saying that buying from a private owner is bad, but it is more of a gamble. At least with an established retailer you have the option of returning your goods if they are faulty with no hassle.

So to conclude, we’d deffinately recommend considering buying 2nd hand when it comes to gaming. You can, and will save mega bucks over time. Good luck!

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