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How Much Does it Cost to Play Multiplayer on My Console??

Halo 3 Multiplayer FunOkay, I think it’s about time to clear this one up.

Playing multiplayer modes on the next gen consoles (PS3, Nintendo Wii & Xbox 360) can cost money. For all of the Nintendo Wii and PS3 owners, you’re in luck because to play multiplayer on your consoles you don’t have to pay anything for the privilege. If you’re an Xbox 360 owner, you can still pay local multiplayer for free (two controllers on one console), or via local system link (two xbox’s on the same local area network.. for e.g. in the same house). However, if you want to play online with an Xbox 360 you’ll need to bag yourself a gold Xbox Live subscription. This does cost money… I will explain how much later.

Okay, so right now you may be thinking that you’ll just go for the PS3 or Nintendo Wii because it’s cheaper, right? Well that depends on what you want. Ever wonder why you have to pay for Xbox 360 Live gold membership? Well to put it simply, because it kicks ass. The community on there is great, and personally speaking Xbox Live is the greatest online experience I’ve ever had. Why? Well it’s far more than just access to online multiplayer games. You really have to see it for yourself. Instead of listing all the cool things that you can do with Xbox Live, check out what Microsoft have to say about it:

Microsoft even have the Xbox Live Manager keep a regular blog for the community. You can check out his (Major Nelson) blog here:

So much does it cost? You can pay MS by direct debit, but the cheapest way of paying for Xbox Live Gold is by purchasing top up cards from shops like Amazon. At the time of this writing, you can pick one up from Amazon for around £34.99 (for one years access).

Okay, I know this is making us sound pro Xbox here…. but seriously, if you want the best online experience then we suggest you go for Xbox Live.

HOWEVER – we absolutely recommend playing with your friends over strangers any day. So, if most of your friends are already on the Nintendo Wii or PS3 network then perhaps it would be worth following your friends? It’s a tough decision, but lucky for me my friends are on Xbox Live.

Good luck, and I hope this clears things up about the cost of multiplayer these days!

Game on!

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