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3 Fun Ideas for Nights in With Your Nintendo Wii

nintendowiipartyLet me just start by saying, we LOVE the Nintendo Wii!!! Fancy something different instead of an expensive night out? Or even for a family party? Well, we have the perfect solution…. grab yourself a Nintendo Wii! Below are some ideas that seem to be popular amongst proud Nintendo Wii owners:

1) Family / Friends Nights In:

There are LOADS of Nintendo Wii games out there for group entertainment. All Nintendo Wii’s come with Wii Sports, and that alone has hours of multiplayer fun. Let’s take Wii Bowling for example, with just one controller you can all take turns to show off your pin destorying skills! Left handed? Not a problem, the Wii’s controlling system caters for us lefties as well :) So invite your friends / family over and do it, we bet you have a great time!

2) Get Fit

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Nintendo’s Wii Fit by now. Not only will it actually improve your fitness, it’s actually quite fun too! No more boring trips to the gym, instead enjoy the benefits of Wii Fit without having to leave your home! Wii Fit isn’t just about exercises either ohhh no, there are many games included within so that you can have fun whilst you shed off those unwanted inches! Wii Fit Plus is out now too, which in our opinion is a better option…. but both are extrememly benefical to both your health and well being :)

3) Be a Jedi

Okay okay, this is probably really geeky of me…. but with some of the starwars games out there that are available you can actually emulate wielding a light sabre with your Wii controller. Sound nerdy? Try it, I bet you get addicted like we did!!

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