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Xbox Live Private Chat – save money on phone calls!

Hey there gamers! Just checking in with a quick tip here. Like a lot of us out there, I was quite shocked when I received my phone bill last month…. so I thought I’d attempt an experiment. As most of my real life friends have an xbox live account, we thought that we would use xbox live private chat instead of making phone calls. Usually I speak with my friends over the phone every day, but instead of paying for the phone call, we all decided to use Xbox Live Chat. Not only is it FREE to talk via private chat, it’s portable like a phone…. even more so with the wireless headset! After comparing my phone bills to that of previous months when I was still using the phone, it looks like I’ve saved myself £40 just for the month! I’m not suggesting that you totally replace your phone with Xbox Live Chat, but if your friend is online, start a private chat instead of a phone call. Do it often enough and you could save yourself a packet!

Obviously this works with the PS3 equivalent!

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