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Cheaper to buy games now, or after Christmas?

Just a quick one here, we’ve received a few emails from you guys asking if we think it will be cheaper to buy games after Christmas, or before.

The truth is, we don’t really know! However, judging from previous years it would seem that there are always massive reductions right before Christmas because all of the retailers are competing with eachother for the Xmas rush! There have been some great gaming software bargains this year, for e.g. Batman Arkham Asylum was reduced to £17.99 across some merchants, but is now back up to £24.99 and will probably remain that price right through January.

Personally, I’d say wait for the pre-Xmas bargains, rather than waiting for the famous January Sales. have some great pre-Xmas sales. Even now it’s worth checking them out. The new re-branded Zavvi and TheHut have done really well this Christmas too. It’s worth checking out for software comparison, saves you time too.

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