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Instore or Online?

questionmarkIn most cases you will always find the best priced gaming consoles online. Most stores even have the price cheaper on their website than they do in store! The way we see it, this is for 3 main reasons:

  1. There are very little staffing costs when running a website
  2. A store is not required (rent of property and utility bills do not exist)
  3. There is a TON of competition online

The third point above, is one of the main reasons why you will see great prices online.

However, there are some circumstances where you will find cheaper deals in-store. Namely, second hand consoles. Sure, most people would understand anybody for wanting a brand new console instead of somebody’s ‘hand-me-down’, but you can actually get good quality consoles 2nd hand for great prices these days. If you are considering buying second hand, just be aware that this option is not always cheaper. There have been many times where I have noticed cheaper first hand products online. That’s not to say that buying second hand is the bad option though, there are some great deals out there if you are prepared to own a second hand product.

So, to buy instore or online? Personally I’ll always buy online to ensure that I get a nice new product for a great price. However, I have purchased second hand many times, and have saved lots of money doing so. The decision is obviously up to you, just make sure that you do your homework before purchasing. Check online, check instore, try price matching with vendors. Remember, spending a little time researching can save you some big money!

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