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How do I buy retro games on Xbox 360? I can’t find them in the shops!

xbox-live-arcadeSo you’ve heard stories about Xbox gamers playing retro classics like Space Invaders, Curse of Monkey Island & Speedball 2, but you can’t find these titles in the shops! What’s going on?

First thing is not to worry, you won’t find these titles in the shops because they are purchased as downloadable content over Microsoft’s Xbox Live. And it doesn’t stop there.. from titles like Doom to the new Age Of Booty, there are loads of games available new and old via Xbox Live.

The Old Classic Speedball 2 on Xbox Live ArcadeXBL Arcade games cost anything from £3, and if you want my opinion, are well worth it. Relive old memories with some retro classics, or try a new game for days of entertainment without having to get up off your couch (except for getting another beer of course)!

For a list of Xbox Live Arcade hits, you might wanna check out this link :)

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  1. Paul says:

    Xbox 360 Arcade is an excellent way of providing games on demand quickly and easily. I gotta say, I love it…. and it’s the reason I bought an xbox in the first place.

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