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Archive of entries posted on July 2010

Microsoft Announces Price of Kinnect

Kinnect will cost around £129,99, according to a recent Microsoft announcement. Here’s what Microsoft had to say about it: “There will be a whole new wave of consumers looking for all new ways to experience games and entertainment. To be able to do that with the console plus the sensor and the game at that […]

Cheap Nintendo Wii Accessory Kits – Are They Any Good?

There are a few of these knocking about these days for the Nintendo Wii. Some of these are wheels for Mario Kart Wii, Tennis Racquets, even baseball bats! The cheaper versions are obviously cheaper than their official counterparts, but are they any good? Well we decided to put them to the test. To cut a […]

The New Xbox 360

The new Xbox 360 will be available soon. When we get our hands on one, we’ll be sure to post a review…. biggest question at the moment will be; Is it worth the money? More on that to follow, but first.. here is what Microsoft have to say about their new beast machine: Xbox 360 […]