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Archive of entries posted on October 2009

Want Your Console Quickly?

Here in the UK there is currently a postal strike, which in some cases is delaying customer orders. If you are looking to ensure you don’t get delays, we recommend that you pay for the extra delivery service that most retailers will have as an option. Such services are delivered to you by courier, avoiding […]

Looking to buy a Playstation this Christmas?

Just a quick note to the people out there who are considering treating themselves to a PS3 this Xmas..With the new release of the PS3 Slim, the prices of standard PS3 80gb systems are expected to drop. Question is, will they drop before Xmas? If you are looking to get yourself a PS3 anytime soon […]

Welcome to BudgetConsoles.co.uk – Saving You Money!

Hey there! Created by a bunch of experienced gamers, BudgetConsoles.co.uk is here to help you get the best deals out there when buying your gaming consoles. It is very easy to get ripped off these days, don’t let that happen! Follow our price guides and you are sure to land yourself the best deal out […]

Nintendo Wii Buyers Guide for Xmas 2009

Wow! Here at Budgetconsoles.co.uk we just can’t get enough of the Nintendo Wii. Just when we thought that Nintendo had been blow out of the console market, they come up with this genius invention! Let’s face it, getting hold of one hasn’t been easy for Christmas since it’s launch. We are guessing this year isn’t […]

Money Saving Tips When Buying an Xbox 360 This Christmas…

I’m guessing that a lot of you either want an Xbox 360 for Christmas, or your kids do! Let’s face it, everybody wants one, and we don’t blame you! Let me guess, you’ve probably just walked into the shops this Christmas, looked at the prices and took that for face value. Guys, it’s all about […]