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Nintendo Wii Buyers Guide for Xmas 2009

Wow! Here at we just can’t get enough of the Nintendo Wii. Just when we thought that Nintendo had been blow out of the console market, they come up with this genius invention! Let’s face it, getting hold of one hasn’t been easy for Christmas since it’s launch. We are guessing this year isn’t going to be any different at all. Just for you, we have put together a guide for those people who are considering getting their hands on a Wii this Christmas.

So, What Do I Need to Know?

Whether you are a family, or an individual the Nintendo Wii console is great fun. If you have a family or a group of friends who are willing, a night in with the Nintendo Wii is sure to give you hours of fun! The Wii really comes to live when playing in a group that’s for sure. That’s not to take anything away from playing it as an individual though, there are plenty of playing options for single players. Typically, the Wii comes with a copy of Wii Sports as standard, which is a lovely collection of games such as bowling, tennis, and boxing. It will come with one Wii remote (this is your controller), and a nunchuck. What are nunchucks I hear you say? Yes they are the ninja’s weapon, but they are also the term used for part of the Nintendo Wii control system. Gone are the days where you just use one controller, this has up to two per player (one in each hand). That is, the remote in one and and the nunchuck in the other. Confused? I can see why, but you’ll get it in no time!

Where to buy?

There are plenty of places out there selling you the Nintendo Wii, and it’s very easy to overspend on one. Make sure you get the best price out there by checking our price comparison section for Nintendo Wii’s, we update it twice daily!

Top Tip!!!

Number one tip here is BUY IT EARLY! The Nintendo Wii has flown out of stock for the last 3 Christmas’s, and it’s tipped to happen once again this year. Avoid dissapointment, and secure yours today if possible.
Remember not to get ripped off, use our price guide to find the best price out there.

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  1. Jackson 5 says:

    Nice advice. Saved me some moolah! I went for the package at Amazon were you get two free games

  2. Nichol Taylor says:

    Thanks guys! I noticed your advert in our paper tonight. I was a little nervous about looking stupid in the shop so this info helped. Not to mention I saved a bit of cash. Cheers!

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