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Do you need to be spending £40+ on games this year?

Let’s face it, we’re all trying to save a pretty penny these days. Unlike my younger years, like many I can no longer justify spending £40+ on any video game. With services like LoveFilm where you can rent games, and the popularity of cheap smart phone titles like ‘Angry Birds’ you just don’t need to be spending big bucks anymore. Unless of course you have the time to spend big, play quick, and then trade it in quickly at your local CEX/GAME etc to retain it’s value. I used to do this, but unfortunately don’t have the time to do be doing this anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to game (better than watching Corrie on TV right?), but as I’m getting older I don’t have the time to play or pay as much!

If you have kids wanting the latest game but find yourself struggling to keep up with the top dollar, why not consider getting yourself a LoveFilm subscription or some other similar service? Give it some thought, you may save yourself some serious money! (It all adds up, afterall!)

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