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Nintendo Wii Prices

Ladies and gentlemen, the Nintendo Wii! Still standing strong against it’s competitors, the Nintendo Wii is still a massively popular console! Remember that here at BudgetConsoles, we try hard to find you the best deals out there. We update our prices daily to ensure you get the cheapest deal out there. Check out below for the best and cheapest prices on Nintendo Wii today. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us. Cheers!

* We are currently updating prices for the Nintendo Wii. Please try again later:

Nintendo Wii Trailer:

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Check out the articles above, the Wii offers so much fun for you and the family. We LOVE the Nintendo Wii and work hard to find you the cheapest nintendo wii deals out there. Let’s face it, a cheap Wii is better than one you got ripped off with! Remember, if you are struggling for cash this Christmas then why not consider buying a 2nd hand Wii? Check out your local newspaper, sometimes you can find good deals. That being said, sometimes you find that the best offers are online. What Nintendo Wii bundle did you go for? Did Budget Consoles help you find a nice cheap Wii? Leave some feedback below and let us know how you got on…..

Thank You!

Many thanks for your feedback on the site guys, you are what keep us going! Did you like your experience at Budgetconsoles? Please tell us about it via our contact page or join others in leaving a comment below:

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  1. Sweet McHeat says:

    £97 for a Wii? That’s a bargain!! Thanks guys!!

  2. Sophie Brooks says:

    I went for the blue wii from amazon. That is still a really good price and the best I could find

  3. Hawk Eye says:

    FAB PRICE! Mucho gracias guys!

  4. Charles NW says:

    £99 is a great price. That’s Xmas SORTED!

  5. Chip says:

    99 for a Wii!! THANKS PCWORLD!! I totally missed out on the Amazon offer before it ran out of stock. Not letting that happen again, ordering mine now. Thanks for the deal spot!

  6. Laura Jones says:

    Mario Kart Bundle is a great price! Especially considering everybody seems to be running out of stock! The black wheel comes with it as well. Excellent. Nearly went for the black wii fit bundle but I think I’ll get that in the new year instead.

  7. Jenny Stott says:

    Great deal there over on Amazon. Thanks for the pointer Budgetconsoles. You just made both me and my kids happy :)

  8. Clare says:

    Just bought the amazon deal for £139.99 but they have an extra offer!!!! for £5 you can get a mario game and for another £15 get either a mini controller and nunchuck or extra game .. so i got the wii the extras for only £20

  9. Pippen says:

    Wow great price Amazon. I knew the price would come down if I waited long enough! Will probably shoot back up soon though. Good stuff

  10. Shaz says:

    Hey thanks for the tips. Nice little community here, looking forward to the discussion boards. Bought mine 2nd hand in the shops thanks to your advice. If you are reading this and toying with the idea of getting one 2nd hand, try it out. It worked great for me and I got myself a great wii bundle with loads of games. Great stuff!

  11. Mike P says:

    Thanks for the advice here. I checked out my local newspaper for a 2nd hand deal and found myself a little bargain! I would recommend to all that you check second hand stuff before buying 1st hand because it worked for me. Thanks to all, Mike

  12. Catherine Knox says:

    Seriously that is a great price. I have just bagged mine so that I have it for Christmas. I have been watching the prices of the Nintendo Wii over the last few months and Amazon always put the price back up soon after reducing it. If you are wanting a Nintendo wii cheap I suggest you secure it and buy now

  13. admin says:

    Glad to have helped you Tommy, thanks for the comment!

  14. Tommy Davidson says:

    Awesome amazon deal there. 139 for a Nintendo Wii??? Now that is CHEAP!! Thanks guys, you saved me some money there

  15. Andy Patterson says:

    Nice deal by Tesco there but I decided to go with Amazon instead because you seem to get more for your money. Tesco only comes with Wii Sports but amazon throw that in along with Wii Sports Resort for a tiny weeny bit more :)

  16. Pauline Potterfield says:

    Excellent deal by there. It seems that they are becoming the new Amazon. I’ll be using them for my dads birthday next month for sure

  17. ~Deal Seeker~ says:

    That amazon deal is great! just bagged me one of those

  18. Karen says:

    Thanks so much, I got the sainsburys deal with a tenner off and free next day delivery and bagged loads of nectar points!!!! Quids in.

  19. Jamie Blackwood says:

    looks like the shops are running out of stock fast. secured mine and its now on the way!

  20. admin says:

    Thanks for the heads up Tim!! Looks like you’ve noticed it before us as well. We’ve updated the listings :)

    This is what happens when you don’t act fast I guess! Once good offers are around, best thing to do is to grab them before they vanish. One game for £15 is still good, Amazon seem to be doing a great job this Xmas.

    Have a good Christmas yourself, and thanks again for the heads up!


  21. Wooty Woo says:

    Just bagged me a black one (ooh err). Will look way better in the living room that. Thanx 4 the site, nearly got ripped off elsewhere

  22. Tim says:

    Hey just thought I’d let you guys that Amazon are no longer doing the 2 games for £15 offer and it’s back to the standard 1 extra game now, just in time for Christmas, sad times!

  23. James says:

    I have not had so much fun for a very long time. The whole concept of the Wii is fantastic. The games are incredible to play, and the gameplay is enchanced by the fact that you use the amazing Wii remote. All the family love playing the Wii, and there is a huge range of brilliant games out there. Wii Sports which is included with the Wii is extrememly addictive and a fresh and exciting game which gets you up and about. The whole idea of the Wii being online, and being able to communicate with friends is fantastic.
    The only downside is that the Wii cannot play DVDs and that you have to pay for the web browser. Otherwise it is practically faultless!
    I would recommend everyone of every age getting this addictive, amazing and adorable console. And for the price it is at, I would grab it straight away before the Christmas rush.

  24. Joseph Barnes says:

    Thanks for the info. Bought myself the bundle from My wife will prefer the black Wii because it will go better in our living room hah hah!

  25. Susan says:

    Looks like it’s slightly gone up to £142.99 – I’m gonna buy one before it goes up even more!!!

  26. Jared Davies says:

    now thats a cheap nintendo wii!

  27. Tracey says:

    Just bought one, cheaper than anywhere else.

  28. Gella says:

    Just bought one! WOOOooooo Wii Tennis here I come!!!!

  29. Jane Taylor says:

    Wowzers I thought they cost more than that. Great deal

  30. Alfy Norf says:

    I’ll probably order one of these before they run out of stock. Nice site. I noticed your advert in Xbox mag

  31. Scott Jessop says:

    Nintedo wii is the best console out there. It is easy to use. Fun to use. And cheaper than a lot of consoles of its size. Wii is for everyone regardless of their video game tastes. You can play a 4 player bowling tournament at home, or with a different game and the right downloads you can play over the internet- yes it can also connect to the internet via wi-fi-or just chill out on your own with a more relaxed game. I think wii is the best and you should buy it for yourself and your family if pure entertainment is what your out for.

  32. Mac McDougal says:

    hmmmmm I can’t see that price lasting long – going to grab mine before the price goes up

  33. Tooty Fruit says:

    Mine is in the post!

  34. Bargain! says:

    Yeahhhhh! Just ordered one at that price! Can’t argue!!!!

  35. Mcfly Man says:

    Nice site by the way, I seen your advert in the paper this morning. Looks like i’ll be keeping an eye here to save money this Christmas. When payday comes, I’ll be sure to come here before buying a Nintendo Wii. I’d love to say that I’m buying a Wii for my kids or some children. But nope, all for myself. 42 years old and I wanna get that Wii Fit! I’m guessing that Im not the only oldish person wanting a Wii? I hope anyway LOL!

  36. Pretty Beans says:

    So much fun! LOVING this at the moment. We get the girls over for a Nintendo Wii night every single Tuesday now. Oh and by the way, I am the QUEEN of Wii bowling from Wii Sports. Seriously, bring it on if you think you’re hard enough

  37. Jonesy says:

    Gotta love this Wii, my kids worship me now haha

  38. Peter UK says:

    Excellent for parties, thanks for finding me a good deal!

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