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Can Owning a Console Save You Money?

Save Money with BudgetConsolesOkay, so consoles will cost you anything up to a couple of hundred quid. Then you’ve got additional controllers, games, additional optional hardware etc. All adds up right? Well let me put it this way… how much do you spend on a night out? £30? £40? More? How much money do you spend when you go out for a meal / cinema? Guys, let’s face it… these days it’s important to try and save money. Since I bought my Xbox 360, I’ve saved a TON of money by staying in and having a good old gaming session. I’m not saying you need to become a social recluse, cut yourself off from the world and level up, but investing in a gaming console can actually prevent you from going out as often and wasting your hard earned cash on beer that you could buy from a supermarket at half the price.

A few of us here at BudgetConsoles have regular nights were we all meet up, grab some pizzas and have a Fifa 11 night :) The Nintendo Wii is perfect for this. Try it! Invite your mates around, get some cheap beers and snacks, try to pick a game that everybody can play together and just have fun! It will cost you far less than a night out, and you will have just as good if not better a time.

You see where I’m going with this? INVEST IN A CONSOLE! :)

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