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Nintendo 3DS Deals

Introducing Nintendo’s new 3DS! What a futuristic world we live in today, where you don’t need glasses to play games / make movies in 3D! Absolutely fantastic. The Nintendo 3DS is absolutely FLYING off the shelves! Here at BudgetConsoles we check for the cheapest Nintendo 3DS prices daily. Looking for the Nintendo 3DS XL? You can also compare prices for the 3DS XL HERE.

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Nintendo 3DS Review

3dsSo you’re wanting to buy a 3DS huh? A few of us here at Budget Consoles recently had the pleasure of unwrapping one of these bad boys. Big kids love to play, afterall ;) Apart from a few special editions, the Nintendo 3DS comes in 3 different colours; Aqua Blue, Metalic Red, or Cosmic Black. All are pretty sleek and sexy, but we decided to go for the ‘Metalic Red’. The packaging itself was exciting, and sold the treasure inside pretty well! The red metalic finish was impressive! To stop scratching, I think we’ll end up buying some sort of cover for it. You can buy these if you shop around. At first we didn’t realise, but Nintendo 3DS is actually backward compatible.. which means that you can actually play DS/DSi games on your 3DS! I for one was really happy about this, because I still have an abundance of DSi games floating about the house (damn kids haha!). Anyway, what we really wanted to do is to try out the 3D screen, right? Let me say, this technology is impressive. Can you believe it? An actual 3D screen in the palm of your hand… without the need for those silly looking glasses they make you wear in the cinema! The 3D screen works really well. Not only can you play games on it, you can take 3D photos and videos. Note there is a slider button to disable the 3D functionality if you want to. Very very impressive! The battery life is around 3 to 5 hours when playing 3DS games, but lasts a bit longer if playing DSI games. All in all we’d have to say this is the best advancement in gaming for as long as I can remember. If they can make 3D screen’s work without glasses on a 3DS, then you have to ask yourself… what does the future hold for gaming?

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  1. Hugh Fire says:

    Amazon bundle only left in white or pink at the £130 price! The other colours have gone up in price. Just bought the white one for my son

  2. Evertongirl says:

    Thanks for the new customer voucher tip for Tesco! Got my sons 3DS for £120! thanks xx

  3. Sweetpink says:

    Great price from Amazon. Screen protector deffo helps!! Christmas done and dusted for me now! Glad I don’t have to panic last minute because these went out stock quite quick last year

  4. Amy Monaghan says:

    Great little deal from Amazon there. I’ve heard you need the screen protector as well so the screen doesnt get scratched. Batman Lego for a tenner is well good too!

  5. Hosky says:

    That Tesco voucher is expiring today you know. I’d buy quickly if you’re wanting one at that price

  6. choochoo says:

    Excellent price

  7. Penny Davies says:

    The return of the Amazon deal! I’m not missing out this time!!!! BUY BUY BUY

  8. Mr Pete says:

    Haha my thoughts too Penny! As fate would have it, I got paid today!!! Just bought mine! :)

  9. Grabbit says:

    Zavvi one has gone back up in price. I’m going to grab one from before they go out of stock again

  10. Annie A says:

    Could’nt not order this 3DS today in blue, for my’s birthday early January. At this price it was a must and what if stocks had run dry by the time it was his birthday. Will comment on this once it is up and running.

  11. Hoskins says:

    I heard today was the last day of this deal! It is ‘black friday week’ afterall!! I’ve ordered mine anyway!! It’s a great deal so if you guys are wanting a 3DS I’d buy one today before the deal ends / stock runs out

  12. Jenny Reid says:

    That’s Xmas boxed off!!! Amazon will no doubt sell out quickly with that 3ds deal. I bet their stock is flying out haha

  13. Margie UK says:

    Excellent price!! Im buying mine before the offer runs out. i noticed an add for this site today and here i am :) free screen protector as well…. great deal. 3DS on the way!!!

  14. McGrub says:

    Brilliant price for a 3ds! thank you

  15. Jone Childs says:

    OMG OMG OMG!!! That price for a 3DS?! SOLD!!! Free screen protector as well!!!! GET IN. Cheapest 3DS price yet

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