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Your Questions Answered!

Hey all,

Just thought I’d check in and answer some of the questions that we’ve been receiving via the site. Sorry if you don’t see your question here, we promise we’ll be trying our best to get around all of them as quick as possible.


James UK Asks: I just bought a Wii from Amazon for £164.99, but now I realise that they have the Black Wii for the same price. Will they accept a refund?

BudgetConsoles: I think you are probably best contacting Amazon for more information on this one. I’m sure they’ll be happy to help you out. They do have a returns policy that can be found here: Anyway, what’s wrong with the white Wii? :)


Blue Flame: Thanks for helping me find a good price for my Xbox. Can you please help me with finding some cheap software for it?

BudgetConsoles: Hiya Blue Flame – why so blue? Haha okay.. poor attempt at humour! There are sites out there that can help you find cheap prices for your software. One that springs to mind is for UK, and for USA. Two great sites for getting good prices for software. If you are based in the EU, try As for our own software compare service, watch this space :)


Alison Johnson: Do you have to pay to play multiplayer on Xbox?

BudgetConsoles: Hi there Alison. Yes and no. There are some games that allow local multiplayer games such as Fifa 10 or Streetfighter 4. But the real fun comes in when playing multiplayer over Xbox Live. This means that you can play your friends over an Internet connection. You do have to pay, I think it’s around £5 per month but you can get decent deals online. You can either buy a years membership from vendors such as Amazon, or just pay Microsoft direct. Xbox Live is something that I’d recommend though, especially if you have a network of friends also using the service. It’s much more than just a multiplayer gaming service. For more info on Xbox Live, visit:


Xbox Sadness: I bought my Xbox 360 second hand, and now after an online update it doesn’t work anymore! What’s going on?

BudgetConsoles: Hiya, this is more common these days. First of all, you should try contacting Xbox support and explaining your situation. What may have happened, is the previous owner of the console may have altered the xbox so that he/she could play copied games for free. Don’t get excited at the games for free option, it’s obviously illegal and can leave you in sticky situations similar to that of the one you’re in now. It is my understanding that you still should be able to use your Xbox 360, but just not online with Xbox Live. Try checking with the previous owner if you can. If the Xbox has been illegally tampered with, then you may have to buy a new Xbox 360 if you want to play online. Sorry if this isn’t what you wanted to hear. The BBC recently posted this article on the subject. Hope things work out for you!


TriggerHappy: A friend told me that Xbox 360 and PS3 users will be able to play eachother on the same servers for COD Modern Warfare 2 – is this true?

BudgetConsoles: Hi there Trigger Happy – a question that rather surprisingly has come up a few times. It is my understanding that this will not be happening. If something like this went ahead, eventually people would start claiming it was easier to win on one of the consoles. There would be some sort of console war haha! Can you imagine? I don’t think this will be happening :)


Okay, that’s your lot for now!! Thanks for all of your emails so far, keep them coming in!

To do so, get in touch via our  contact us page!


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