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Want a blu-ray player? Why not buy a PS3?!

budget consles ps3Are you a gamer who is thinking of buying a blu-ray player? The PS3 comes with a blu-ray player built in, so for a little extra you could have a PS3 and a blu-ray player in one! I’d certainly suggest investing here. The price of blu-ray players will eventually decrease rapidly like DVD players did…. so if you ask me, you are protecting your investment by purchasing a PS3. A blu-ray player will set you back between 100 to 200 GBP. At the time of this writing, you can pick up a PS3 from between 200 to 250 GBP. The blu-ray PS3 player is a good quality one, and seems to be very stable. It’s a little annoying not having a remote for it, but you can still use your wireless PS3 controller as a remote. As long as you don’t mind such a cumbersome remote control, then I’d go for it!

So does it save you money buying a PS3 instead of a blu-ray player? In the long run, yes I believe so… especially if you are a gamer!

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