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Wii U Release Nears…

Nintendo’s highly anticipated Nintendo Wii U will be here in time for Christmas. The current date for EU release is 30th Nov, 18th US and 8th Dec in Asia. There are rumours of a £250 price tag for Nintendo’s new monster. So far we know there will be two versions of it, Basic and Premium. The Basic edition will be an 8GB version of the console, with the Premium edition boasting 32GB and will include a copy of NintendoLand, one of the launch titles. According to Amazon, the price tag for the Basic version will be £249.99 and £299.99 for the Premium version of the Nintendo Wii U console. We’re yet to get our hands on one, but as soon as we do we’ll be posting up a review after having a play! Of course, we’ll keep you informed of the best prices out there. Details on that to follow!

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