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Nintendo Wii Recent Price Drop

nintendowiiconsoleLooks like the Nintendo Wii price has dropped a little as of late. This Christmas we expect prices to be around £100 for the console with motion plus included! This is great news for people wanting the still very popular Nintendo Wii. Of course, we’ll keep you updated on that (hey, it’s our job!).

Perhaps the Nintendo Wii U console that was announced at this years E3 is released, will push the price of the Nintendo Wii console down even cheaper. Who knows? But until that day, people in their thousands still get to enjoy the fun the original console has to offer.

With new titles such as Zumba Fitness still rocking the Wii, the Nintendo Wii continues to compete with other consoles available. Let’s face it, the Wii is FUN for friends and family, and as long as that remains there will always be a demand for it!

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