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Nintendo 3DS XL Deals

Introducing Nintendo’s new 3DS XL! Wow, the XL version of the Nintendo 3DS enhances the futuristic experience of handheld 3D gaming without the need for any 3D glasses! The Nintendo 3DS XL is absolutely FLYING off the shelves this year! Here at BudgetConsoles we check for the cheapest Nintendo 3DS XL prices daily, so be sure to keep coming back for the best Nintendo 3DS XL deals!

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Last Updated On: 20/07/24

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Order Now From Nintendo 3DS XL Bundle Includes:
+ Nintendo 3DS XL (Black)
+ Free Delivery!
£154.85 Check Availability

Order Now From John Lewis Nintendo 3DS XL Bundle Includes:
+ Nintendo 3DS XL (RED/BLACK)
£169.00 Check Availability

Order Now From Gameseek Nintendo 3DS XL Bundle Includes:
+ Playstation Vita
£169.75 Check Availability

Order Now From Simply Games Nintendo 3DS XL Bundle Includes:
+ Nintendo 3DS XL
£174.99 Check Availability

Order Now From TheHut Nintendo 3DS XL Bundle Includes:
+ Nintendo 3DS XL (Black)
£199.99 Check Availability

Join The Nintendo 3DS XL Revolution!

Nintendo’s newest version of the 3DS series is here… the Nintendo 3DS XL! The Nintendo 3DS XL has all the perks of it’s original counterpart, with some exciting enhancements thrown in! For a full review of the differences check out the information below. This XL version of the 3DS still boasts amazing 3D gaming without the need for glasses (still seems very futuristic to us!). You do have the option of turning the 3D functionality off, but why would you want to? The 3DS is a must have for the young gamer (and big kids alike.. ahem!)

Nintendo 3DS XL Review

Well, I’m guessing you’re here because you want to buy a brand spanking new Nintendo 3DS XL right?! Here at Budget Consoles we absolutely ADORE this new handheld console. The new 3DS XL has a larger screen than it’s previous counter part, DOUBLE the memory (oh yes!) and a longer battery life! It comes in silver/black, blue or red! The metallic finish is awesome.

To prevent the screen from becoming scratched, you can pick up screen protectors for pretty cheap from Amazon. Obviously you can still play all old Nintendo 3DS games on the 3DS XL, also any old Nintendo DS or DSi games will work on this bad boy. The 3D screen on the 3DS XL is extremely impressive, with no loss of quality from the consoles previous version. Just think, a handheld gaming device that in 3 dimensions?! Absolutely amazing. Not only can you play games on it, you can take 3D photos and videos. Note there is a slider button to disable the 3D functionality if you want to. The XL battery life is around 6 to 10 hours when playing 3DS games, but lasts a bit longer if playing DSI games. We feel the 3DS is the best advancement in gaming in a long time. 3D gaming without having to wear silly glasses… the future is bright for gaming indeed! All that said though, the XL version of the 3DS isn’t ideal for everybody. If you have small children, sometimes it may be worth thinking about the non-XL version, the original Nintendo 3DS. You can compare prices for the Nintendo 3DS here.

Without a doubt, the Nintendo 3DS XL is a favorite here at Budget Consoles. If you are considering buying one of these bad boys, we recommend you secure yours before the Christmas rush as stocks tend to fly out fast!

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