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Xbox 360 Slim Deals

The Xbox 360 console is a personal favourite of many of ours here at BudgetConsoles. Not only does it have many of the best games exclusive to the Xbox, Microsofts Xbox Live is AWESOME! Xbox Live just gives you that real community feel, helps you keep in touch with friends and you can download loads of cool Arcade Games. The Xbox 360 is sure to please, and will surely remain our favourite for years to come! It looks like this is the best selling console so far this year, we suspect that stocks will not last too long. Remember that we check for the cheapest Xbox 360 Slim deals out there every single day to get you the best price!

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Last Updated On: 20/07/24

Sold By Bundle Includes Price Stock?
Order Now From Xbox 360 Bundle Includes:
+ Xbox 360 Slim 250GB Console
+ Xbox 360 Wireless Controller
+ Xbox 360 Headset
+ Halo 4
+ Gears Of War
+ Grand Theft Auto
+ Free Delivery

Order Now From Zavvi Xbox 360 Bundle Includes:
+ Xbox 360 Slim 250GB Console
+ Xbox 360 Wireless Controller
+ Battlefield 4

Order Now From Gameseek Xbox 360 Bundle Includes:
+ Xbox 360 250GB
+ Xbox 360 Wireless Controller
+ Kinect Sensor
+ Kinect Adventures

Join The Xbox 360 Revolution!

Introducing the new look Xbox 360 Console. This sleek and slender version of the Xbox 360 is a great improvement to it’s older counterpart. The Xbox 360 Slim or ‘S’ as it’s sometimes called comes in two variations, 4GB or 250GB. Both consoles look identical, the difference between the two options is the storage size. The 4GB version is more than enough for most gamers. For the more serious gamers, the 250GB version may be the better option. Either way, they are both Kinect ready and have built in WiFi capability, making it very easy to set up for online gaming.

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    20 Comments For This ...

    1. Starbuyer says:

      GREAT price for the 250GB console on Amazon!!! Best I’ve seen all year so far. I don’t expect that price to last very long. My kids will be happy this xmas

    2. Tracey Coupe says:

      Thanks for your info brilliant saved me time and money purchased my xbox from the amazon deal brilliant

    3. tony says:

      Great to have so much information to hand, I havent purchased an Xbox as yet because I wanted to make sure I got the best deal out there. Money is quite tight at the moment especially with Crimbo just round the corner. So now I’m going to have to be inventive in how I convince the missus that its not a case of just wanting an Xbox we urgently need one because they also can babysit the kids,
      do all the housework and cook meals so we both benefit by having one so we’re all winning and grinning, untill christmas day and she realises that I’m a lieing turd.

    4. rsrjerry says:

      amazing deal , just ordered and also added need for speed game for an extra £20 .so console,love film sub (great for renting games for free) , need for speed game all for £169 delivered to my door , and best of all a big smile on my sons face on xmas day

    5. Tina NW says:

      This was the best price I could find.

    6. Scoop says:

      TOP DEAL over on Amazon there. I do like the look of these new Xboxes, so much nicer than the other ones. I hope to god that this deal lasts until tomorrow because it’s payday for me tomorrow! Please please please!!

    7. Will B says:

      Amazing deal from Amazon right there!! Can’t believe you get 12 months Xbox Live for free! And Halo as well! Halo is like £30 just by itself!! Brucey bonus right there!!

    8. Nicola UK says:

      SMASHING DEAL!!! Thank you very much!

    9. Josh Todd says:

      £148.99 is a great price considering you get halo and 12 months subscription to live. Wish I would have known this yesterday! Actually, I might just take mine back to HMV and buy from Amazon instead!! Muhaha! THANKS !!

    10. Ian J says:

      Just bought deal from Amazon. Wonderful! My dad will be well happy with that…. especially the free halo

    11. Ali says:

      absolutely brill offer over there on amazon. thanks for the heads up. GAME were charging so so much more.

    12. Doyle says:

      Bought one of the new models myself. The obvious change is in its look. The matte colored exterior has been replaced with a glossy black casing, and a concave indention that comes to a point at the power button, which has also been redesigned. Where the old model had a button that needed to physically be pressed, the new 360 buttons are touch sensitive and require no pressure. There is even a sound to indicate that the command was accepted. The same is true for the tray, as the button has been moved from the side, and placed above. One minor drawback of the new casing is that the shine of the casing is also extremely prone to gathering fingerprints and smudges.

    13. Silver Bullet says:

      That’s it then, Christmas present sorted. Let’s hope my little brother loves the Xbox 360 and doesn’t want a Playstation instead! Looks like Xbox 360 is winning the fight against the Playstation or Wii anyway! Plus, it basically kicks ass!!!

    14. Mick J says:

      Xbox 360 is the way forward. Can’t wait for Kinect to come out! It’s like an Adult Wii Muhahahaha

    15. ChrisA72 says:

      Great prices over at Amazon, they do deals for games a bit cheaper when you buy the console. I managed to grab 2 HDMI cables from ebay too, great deal!

    16. Roger UK says:

      Bought mine from Very – took advantage of the interest free options. Great product though, kids (and me) love it

    17. BudgetConsoles says:

      Hi there, the HD’s are not too expensive. We will soon be having an accessories section that will help you compare prices for these. In the meantime, there are various options for you. By default, the Xbox 360 Arcade doesn’t come with a hard drive by default, but you can pick these up in different sizes. The default size is 20gb, which is more than enough for most people and can usually be picked up for a decent price from most stores. Why not check out your local Gamestation or CEX to check out the pre-owned prices?

    18. Rob Gill says:

      Haha I love playing Batman Ark Asylum on mine… what a game! Does anybody know how expensive the Hard Drives are?

    19. Baby Eyes says:

      I’ve gotta say, my kids absolutely loved this. Great deal, great price, big recommend from me

    20. Anton says:

      I was considering buying the Xbox 360 Elite, but why? The Arcade version has everything I need and I’m happy (so are my boys!)

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