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Instore or Online?

In most cases you will always find the best priced gaming consoles online. Most stores even have the price cheaper on their website than they do in store! The way we see it, this is for 3 main reasons: There are very little staffing costs when running a website A store is not required (rent […]

Beat The Christmas Rush!

Once again, it’s looking like Christmas is going to be huge for consoles this year. With the new Playstation Vita Slim, PS4 and Xbox One expected to be popular, they are sure to fly out of stock quite quickly. Why wait? Get yours early as possible and try to avoid any sad little (or big!) […]

2nd Hand Gaming. Worth The Risk?

Let’s face it, times are tough for most of us at the moment. If like most of us you are taking more care with spending your hard earned cash, then we suggest you consider something that many others are; 2nd Hand Gaming. There are many shops popping up these days offering 2nd hand gaming products; […]

Playstation Vita Popularity Growing

With stock levels fluctuating quite rapidly as we approach Christmas this year, it appears Sony’s Playstation Vita is in popular demand this year! I often wonder how the upcoming Nintendo Wii U will compete against the Vita and 3DS this year, but personally I think it’s going to be a tough competition. The 3DS is […]

Wii U Release Nears…

Nintendo’s highly anticipated Nintendo Wii U will be here in time for Christmas. The current date for EU release is 30th Nov, 18th US and 8th Dec in Asia. There are rumours of a £250 price tag for Nintendo’s new monster. So far we know there will be two versions of it, Basic and Premium. […]

Nintendo Posts a Wii U Preview Presentation

Nintendo just posted a video on the latest Wii U to YouTube. It’s a decent presentation that provides insight to many of the questions people have been asking, including release dates, a look at the console, and a look at the new consoles features. You can watch the video here:

Discussion Boards Coming Soon!

Hiya guys, First of all thanks for all of the feedback. Many of you would have noticed our adverts in your local newspapers. We are here to stay, and due to popular demand we are proud to announce that our forum discussion boards will be available in the not too distant future. We are currently […]

3DS vs 3DS XL

CVG just posted a decent review on the comparison between the Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL. You can watch the video here:

Do you need to be spending £40+ on games this year?

Let’s face it, we’re all trying to save a pretty penny these days. Unlike my younger years, like many I can no longer justify spending £40+ on any video game. With services like LoveFilm where you can rent games, and the popularity of cheap smart phone titles like ‘Angry Birds’ you just don’t need to […]

Can Owning a Console Save You Money?

Okay, so consoles will cost you anything up to a couple of hundred quid. Then you’ve got additional controllers, games, additional optional hardware etc. All adds up right? Well let me put it this way… how much do you spend on a night out? £30? £40? More? How much money do you spend when you […]